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Civilian First Responder Training

Women At Risk International

Seeing the Unseen

Civilian First Responder (CFR) Training Conference

May 11, 2024, 9am-4:30pm

Constantine High School

Human trafficking in the U.S. is similar to trafficking in foreign countries. The victim is forced, coerced, or deceived by the trafficker, then exploited. Physical and psychological tactics are used to control the victim. Human trafficking is modern-day slavery and the fastest-growing crime. If you came in contact with a victim at work, at school, or in your neighborhood, would you be able to identify them? One of the first steps in solving the problem of human trafficking is identifying the victim. 

At Women At Risk, International’s (WAR, Int’l) Civilian First Responder (CFR) Training Conference you can learn how to identify victims and take appropriate action. At this eight-hour training conference, audiences will learn to recognize the 15 demographics, 22 lures, and 21 signs of trafficking.

This Training Conference brings the U.S. government, law enforcement officers, human trafficking survivors, and Rebecca McDonald, the founder & president of WAR, Int’l, into one room to educate & equip communities to combat this dangerous crime. They also bring in medical professionals, social workers, survivors, and community leaders.

Using their own research, the information in each training is tailored to the specific industry and location. WAR, Int’l has presented anti-trafficking trainings in medical settings, Fortune 500 companies, civic settings, universities, legal and law enforcement settings, state departments, Quantico, the Pentagon, universities, churches, hotels, airports, real estate companies, and more.

Conference Information:

When: Saturday, May 11, 2024

Time: 9am-4:30pm

Where: Constantine High School, 1 Falcon Dr., Constantine, MI 49042

Cost: $15 per person. 

Unable to attend? Check out WAR, Int’l’s Digital Civilian First Responder Program